Water Softener Solutions For Hard Water
For hard water, which is a problem almost everywhere in the country, a water softener still remains the best solution.

Water Softeners – Solution for Lime Scale and Hard Water

For hard water, which is a problem almost everywhere in the country, a water softener still remains the best solution.

A water softener physically removes the elements that create hard water from the water, unlike the structural change electronic and magnetic systems do. Structural changes in the molecular structure are not permanent and as soon as the water remains still, like in the pipes when the taps are not open, or is heated in the geyser with a temperature change the original returns and the water becomes hard again.

The water softener solves this problem completely by removing the magnesium and calcium ions.

Water Softener Prices

Water softener pricing ranges from around R9600 upwards depending on the size and the volume of water that needs to be softened.

Water Softener Sizes

For normal household and smaller industrial uses the sizes are 30litres, 60 and 100 litres respectively. Depending on your usage the size is determined.

Two types of water softeners are available; the first that uses low pressure and the second more preferred choice the high pressure system.

The heads that control the regeneration process can be manual or automatic. In the automatic range regeneration is controlled based on time or volume of water.

More than 85% of homes are affected by hard water. Hard water basically means that there is lime rock and iron in your water. This plays havoc on your plumbing and all appliances that use water. Now imagine that what you see is also what you put in your body when you drink the water.

A water softener solves this problem by removing these elements from your water before it enters your home.

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